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Preparing For Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

By Sarah Smith

Facing a surgeon for whatever reason is a nerve wrecking experience. There are uncertainties and expectations that characterize these preparations. Preparing for bariatric weight loss surgery New York however should come with a feeling of excitement. It is a milestone that you are about to accomplish as you move towards a healthier lifestyle. Preparation makes the procedure worthwhile, memorable and exciting.

Your doctor will issue strict instructions aimed at making this procedure more effective. There are general guidelines that should be added to the list given by your doctor. On the day before going to the theater, you should not take anything after midnight. This will facilitate an empty stomach which reduces risks during surgery.

The nervousness and anxiety of this procedure requires comfort and support from a close family member or friend. The person invited should have attained legal age because certain documentation may be required. Such a person must also understand and appreciate your intentions. You will be admitted in the morning or hours before the operation. Depending on selected procedure, you can expect to remain in the theater up to a maximum of two hours.

Shedding off the anesthesia takes up to two hours. Expect some pain on the parts cut as well as a little discomfort. The intensity will depend on selected procedure and your health condition. For some people, pain is totally non-existent. Nurses and support personnel within the program will get you off the bed within shortest time. This is aimed at preventing blood clot and other respiratory complications that may arise.

Recovery should be complete within a few weeks. Since this is a long term weight loss program, focus should remain on recovery in the initial stages. You should be committed and motivated to improve you chances of recovery. Be patient and gentle for the first few weeks to aid in recovery. Adhere to the stipulated exercise and dietary adjustments. It is motivating enough to have made the initial steps towards a better and healthier life.

A strict dietary guideline is provided and must be followed over the recovery period. You will be placed on soft foods or pureed diet. Gastric banding patients can expect first adjustment shortly after surgery. You should expect soreness over the first few days. The soreness will subside but alert your doctor if it continues for a longer period. You might be advised not to shower for several days to prevent infection.

As part of your recovery, you are advised to walk as much as possible. It enables you to regain strength and prevents blood clots. Ensure that you get enough rest during the first week. Resumption of normal but less strenuous duties should be within a week. It takes four to six weeks to resume normal duties and begin on the exercise program.

Dietary adjustment is advised by your doctor based on your health and expectations. The first few weeks will see you living on fluid foods. This facilitates adjustment and healing of cut areas. The liquids taken should have sufficient amounts of calories. Vomiting is rare and so is nausea. However, to avoid the two, take frequent sips instead of large quantities at once.

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