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San Jose Thyroid Doctor Helps Get Rid Of That "run Down" Feeling

By Elke Hermann

If you feel tired and out of sorts these days, you are not alone. It could be from stress or fatigue, but many people are suffering with hypothyroidism (also called under-active thyroid). Your San Jose thyroid doctor is there to help with therapy that is safe, natural, and holistic in nature.

Perhaps you have visited your family doctor lately, because you suspected that you may have hypothyroidism. This problem is more common than most people think but it often does not show up in standard tests. When this happens, your physician may think that the problem lies elsewhere, and you could go on suffering for years.

Hypothyroidism may be a result of an immune system problem. In fact, autoimmune disorder is a major cause. An autoimmune condition means that the body's defense system sees certain body parts as threats and attacks them. Normal therapy is to depress or slow down the immune response, but this comes with a high cost.

Once your body's defenses are weakened, symptoms associated with autoimmune disorders may improve greatly. However, a weakened immune system leaves the door open for other invading organisms to enter the body. In some cases, a simple cold can turn into pneumonia.

Many health problems are a result of toxins within the body that make you ill. Some conditions develop slowly inside the digestive system and gradually build up to create illness. In time, waste sits in the digestive tract and can literally rot. This attracts the wrong kind of bacteria and can completely disrupt the natural balance of good bacteria and yeast organisms in your gut.

When the thyroid is not functioning properly, the first reaction may be to address it with medication. However, many problems affect this important gland, but are rooted somewhere else in the body. Functional medicine directs therapy at the actual cause of the problem so it can be eliminated naturally, and it may not return.

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