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Basalt CO Chiropractic Doctor Offers Wellness Care And Postural Correction Therapy

By Carlene Eriksson

The person with good posture has a good appearance. He or she might also be able to keep his body healthy and pain-free for a lifetime. Poor posture may lead to aches and pains. It might also lead to spinal dysfunction. See a leading Aspen CO wellness chiropractor for care that focuses on your posture.

Good posture involves more that standing up straight. The position of a persons body in relation to surrounding space is another indication. It is also a type of body language. This non-verbal language reflects a good attitude and self-confidence.

If the skeleton is well balanced, it protects the rest of the body. Good balance is not responsible for developing a deformity. If joints remain in the optimal position, the minimal amount of stress is placed on the body.

When the muscles have to compensate for improperly placed joints, stress may be placed on them. Muscular tension does not further a healthy back. Also, the wear and tear on the joints is damaging.

Poor posture may be put into one of two categories. It may be structural, which is due to anatomical irregularities. If it is positional, it can be attributed to the individual in some way.

Those things may cause pain in your knees, back or pelvic joint. Other possibilities include pain in the upper back and headaches. In extreme examples, a serious condition such as a respiratory abnormality can be caused by bad posture.

When you meet with the chiropractor for the first time, your posture will be evaluated. You will be observed in a standing and seated position. You will show how you walk across a room.

Your spine is looked at and palpated to detect any spinal abnormalities. The length of your limbs and your waistline will be measured. Muscles are tested for strength. Your flexibility is assessed.

After the examination is complete, a program for your care will be recommended. You may require spinal adjustments, massage and heat applications. In addition you will be given exercises to use at home to strengthen muscles.

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