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Type One And Type Two Diabetes Sufferers Find Relief With Functional Medicine Center

By Lonnie Trevarthen

Thyroid disorders afflict a large number of people in America. Statisticians report fifty-nine thousand. It is a large group that is affected by dysfunction in this tiny gland that lies in the neck. One leading Dallas thyroid doctor advises that it is not a condition that should be ignored.

A long list of symptoms exist, but do not necessarily show up in everyone with the dysfunction. Therefore, it is not always easy to identify. In fact, some individuals show no symptoms. When symptoms do appear, they show up slowly and over time. Blood testing is sometimes required to recognize it. This disorder is one thing to consider if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, painful joints or your arms feel weak.

Many symptoms that may indicate this dysfunction are signs of other disorders as well. A swollen thyroid gland, along with dry skin and brittle hair are associated with diabetes, for example. If your energy is low and you are super-sensitive to the cold weather, these are also indicative signs.

Medical research studies have discovered that diabetes and thyroid dysfunction frequently occur in an individual concomitantly. This is said to be true because both are dependent on the endocrine system. When a person has either type one or type two diabetes, the tests for thyroid dysfunction should be administered.

Someone who is not medically trained will not see the likely correlation between the two disorders. It is true though, that both are affected by the nerve impulses sent out from the central nervous system. The functionality of the pancreas is responsible for supplying the body with insulin. Since lack of this hormone is the reason for diabetes, the connection is obvious. When the spine is not correctly aligned, it interferes with transmission of nerve impulses.

Correcting subluxations will relieve pressure on spinal nerves, thus, allowing them to function normally. When deterioration of nerve impulses is a result of diabetes, it is easy to see the correlation. A medical physician and a practicing chiropractor often work together to provide the optimal care for a single individual.

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