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New York Is The Place To Hire Qualified Bariatric Doctors

By Carl Green

Medicine as a discipline is very wide that it makes sense to subdivide it into smaller division so that each division specializes in a the study of specific medical disorders, diseases, or conditions. One of those branches is bariatrics, which specializes in studying causes, prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of obesity. Medical professionals whose specialty is in this subspecialty of medicine are known as bariatricians or bariatric physicians. These two terms are often applied interchangeably. New York City is one of the location with highly qualified bariatric doctors.

The year 1965 is when the term bariatrics was coined. The term originated from the Greek language. When translated into the English language, the word gives the meaning of pertaining to treatment of weight. The profession comprises of different approaches to loss of weight including exercise, dieting, and behavioral therapy. There are other meanings associated with the term in the medicine profession too.

Overweight and obesity are continue to cause medical concern in the whole world, particularly developed states. Of all the American adult population, a third of the people have been estimated to be obese by the CDC. The problem is expected to get worse if the existing trend in obesity goes on. With the trend, by 2030, 44 percent of all Americans in all states will be experiencing some form of obesity. Therefore, more batricians are likely to be needed in the future. Obesity is said to exist if one has their body mass index often abbreviated to BMI placed above 30.

Research has proved that susceptibility to certain health problems is higher in individual who have an BMI value placed above 30. Some of the health conditions they are susceptible to include asthma, heart disease, different forms of cancer, diabetes mellitus, chronic musculoskeletal problems, and obstructive sleep apnea. In most cases overweight people cannot solve the problem, making the service of bariatricians very necessary.

Obesity can be treated by many different methods. Anti-obesity drugs, diet, behavior therapy, and exercise are part of the first-line treatment. First-line treatments have proven less effective in producing successful results in the short and long term. That has made weight loss surgery the only major alternative for treating weight problems. The efficiency of surgery is much higher compare to that of first-line treatment in the short-term and long-term.

Becoming a bariatrician is a complicated process with several academic hurdles. One must first of all get an MD degree from a recognized medical school. The last two years of training in medical school involves clinical rotations in which one is supervised by a medical doctor. Completion of a residency program is mandatory too. Residencies in this field last between three to seven years.

Licensure is mandatory for one to practice. Licensure follows residency and medical school in that order. To practice in America, practitioners must take and excel in the licensing exam. Board certification in obesity medicine comes after licensure. The board exam must be taken and passed. The certification board assists candidates with preparation by administering a certification review course and a workshop.

Opportunities are available for one to further their qualification. Accreditation is also provided by various professional organizations to members. This field is relatively young and very dynamic. As such, practitioners need to stay abreast with new changes and inventions.

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