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Going For An Assortment Of Soy Products For Menopause Relief Naturally And Safely

By Kenneth P. Thompson

Menopause, the cessation of menstruation, is certainly a life-changing phase in a woman's life. The various symptoms it brings can have a tremendous impact in her daily living. If you are already in this stage, you might want to consider consuming soy products for menopause relief. Opting for these healthy food items allows you to combat some of the symptoms in an all-natural manner.

The many different symptoms of menopause are brought about by the decrease in the levels of estrogen in the body. This hormone is also the one that regulates the menstrual cycle. It's for this reason why a woman's period ceases once she enters the menopausal stage.

When the symptoms are severe, it is possible for women to seek medical treatments prescribed by their respective doctors. HRT is one of the well-known treatments available. Short for hormone replacement therapy, HRT involves the administration of estrogen. Other types of treatments are also available for women who want to manage the severe symptoms of the menopausal stage.

The problem with these medical treatments intended for women who have reached the menopausal stage is the many unfavorable side effects. Some of them include higher risk for health problems such as blood clots, heart disease and stroke. It is also possible for women to end up with breast cancer. Because of these side effects, it can be very scary for some women to receive menopause treatments.

It's a good thing that dealing with the many unwanted symptoms during the menopausal stage can be done without drugs. Certain food items are proven to contain substances capable of working just like the female hormone estrogen. In case you have reached the menopausal stage and you find it hard to tolerate its symptoms, you may benefit from incorporating the said food items in your diet on a daily basis. These products include soy milk, soy sausages, miso, tempeh, tofu and other soy-based ones.

So many women love the benefits they get from consuming soy products for hot flashes. Having hot flashes can be very bothersome especially because it leaves you feeling feverish. Your chest, neck and face tend to feel warm. Because skin in these areas may also end up reddish, it's easy for anyone around you to tell that you're having hot flashes.

Having soy products for night sweats is also done by several women. Usually, too much sweating at night is due to hot flashes as well. Falling asleep can be somewhat difficult if you are feeling hot all over and sweating profusely while in bed.

There are so many other unfavorable symptoms that can be managed with the simple addition of soy and related items in the diet. Some of them include headaches, depression and insomnia. The effectiveness of soy items against the different symptoms caused by the menopausal stage is the so-called isoflavones present in them.

Chemicals naturally found in plants, isoflavones are proven to mimic the actions of estrogen. If you are having a hard time managing menopause's symptoms, eating foods with isoflavones can be beneficial. Including these items in the diet can keep you from the need to take drugs and undergo HRT that tend to cause side effects.

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