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Important Cambridge Diet Information You Should Be Aware Of

By Edna Booker

Over the recent years, Cambridge diet has gained a lot of good reviews. More people are turning to this diet plan because it not only helps them loose weight in a fast manner, but at the same time it doesn't make you feel deprived of having food. You should have ample amount of Cambridge diet information before you start off with it so that you exactly know what you're getting yourself into.

You should know that in order to opt for Cambridge diet, you're required to make an appointment with their consultant who will evaluate your physical health and then decide among the six steps, which one is best suitable for you. It also depends on the fact that how fast you want to loose weight because if you want to make the whole process faster, you are required to remain on the most low calorie diet available.

In the beginning, you will be advised to follow the Sole Source or Sole Source Plus plan. As far as the Sole Source plan is concerned, you will be consuming three to four Cambridge diet products per day and nothing more than that. If your physical state is a bit challenging, then you will be advised to follow the Sole Source Plus plan where you consume three diet products and one normal meal which should not be more than 200 calories.

In the first stage, you are restricted to consume just about 600 calories. While, when you reach the second stage, your calorie intake is increased to about 800 calories. You will have to take three plan products and besides that you can have some vegetables, skimmed milk and a few food items high in their protein content.

Next comes the phase where you can eat 1000 calories a day containing two arrangement items. Aside from those, you can have some low fat milk along with your breakfast as ordinary and you're permitted to have sound plates of mixed greens for lunch and your supper. You will have to take after this specific arrangement for around two weeks time.

The further step involves the consumption of two branded products and on top of that you can have skimmed milk and normal meals but calorie controlled. You have to remain careful what you eat for lunch and dinner and your meals should not be very rich in calories. You're allowed to follow this particular plan as long as you want to provided you can either shed some weight or maintain your original weight.

The stage next to that will allow you to consume 1500 calories a day. You only have to take the plan product once a day but your meals are still calorie controlled. You can have all three meals plus an extra snack. Your consultant will provide you with the diet plan and all the recipes that you would have to follow accurately.

The final and last step is called the Maintenance phase where you need to maintain the weight you have lost and stick to healthy eating habits. Although your consultant might recommend you to visit them once a month or every three months and stick to consuming one diet product per day but you are not obliged to do so as long as you are able to maintain yourself.

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