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Get Relief From Back Pain With A Pompano Beach FL Pain Management Center

By Jeferson Tuyor

Dealing with daily back pain is a problem many people have to face. These individuals suffer with a lower quality of life and will do anything possible to find relief. One way to get the help they need is to visit a Pompano Beach FL pain management clinic.

Health care workers have three basic options for helping patients who are suffering with a painful spine condition. Some patients respond best to medications. Other options include various invasive or noninvasive techniques. After an initial consultation and examination, healthcare providers have the information they need to select the best technique.

Several non-invasive techniques are effective for people with painful spine conditions. Applying force to joints, ligaments, and muscles in the affected area through manual manipulation is one noninvasive way to provide relief. Using a TENS unit to deliver low voltage electricity to the nerves is another suitable option. Specific exercises can also be helpful for restoring complete range of motion by increasing strength and flexibility.

Many people avoid taking drugs because of the risk of negative side effects, but in some cases, they may be the only suitable option. Even though the risk of becoming addicted is high with narcotics, these types of drugs are effective for patients who have just had surgery. A muscle relaxer will work best for someone who is suffering with muscle spasms. Over the counter drugs, including certain NSAIDs and analgesics may be enough to provide relief for some patients.

Invasive techniques include various surgical procedures and injections that deliver an anesthetic or steroid to the affected area. For those patients who suffer from pinched nerves, an epidural injection may offer relief. If other techniques fail to be effective, surgery may be the only option.

Not every patient will respond to certain techniques. What is effective for one person may fail with another. Consulting with a trained professional at a local clinic is the best way to eliminate the discomfort and lead a happier, more productive life.

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