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Basics On Gastric Banding Surgery Nj Residents May Find Interesting

By Olive Pate

There are several options that can be considered for weight loss in Englewood, nj. Some are fairly simple and rely primarily on the effort of the affected individual while others are more complex requiring the assistance of a specialist. The commonly used methods all over the world are physical exercise and dietary modifications. Surgical procedures are usually considered when these conservative modalities fail to yield results. There are a number of important things on gastric banding surgery nj residents should know if they intend to undergo this procedure.

The procedure is a minimally invasive surgery that is aimed at reducing the capacity of the stomach. With a reduction in this size, less food is required to fill it hence persons that have been operated on achieve satiety earlier than previously. Most of the food that is consumed is channelled by the body towards energy provision and very little is stored as adipose tissue. Over time, there is net weight loss.

Ideally, the candidate for this operation needs to have a body mass index of more than forty or a weight that is 45kg more than their ideal weight. A BMI of between 35 and 40 may be considered in the event that the affected person has a medical condition that is wholly or partly responsible for the problem. Such situations may be seen in the case of hypertension or diabetes. All candidates must be adults of sound mind.

There are minor variations between centres with regard to the preparation that has to be undertaken. In most cases, one is asked to modify their diet and frequency of eating in preparation for their new lifestyle. You may be asked to eat smaller portions frequently than few large meals. It is also important to avoid high calorie foods that are likely to increase body weight. If there are any underlying medical conditions, they should be treated before the surgery.

General anaesthesia is typically used in the operation. This may be a downside if you intend to witness the surgery as it goes on. Arranging a video recording may be a good idea in this case. Three holes to serve as entry points for the instruments are made on the abdominal wall. A laparoscope is inserted into one of these entry points and an image of the internal organs of interest projected onto a monitor.

The beauty of this surgery is that there is no cutting of the stomach. Rather, an adjustable silicon band is positioned on the upper portion of the stomach. The compression effect of this band leaves the stomach as a small pouch that can only hold a fraction of what it could hold formerly. Adjustments may be made on the banding position depending on the initial stomach size.

Some side effects should be anticipated by persons undergoing the procedure. In the immediate period after the operation, patients may complain of nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort. Some of these symptoms are the result of ulceration caused by the band. Other complaints include constipation, weight regain and vitamin deficiencies.

Generally, there are few complications associated with the procedure. Death is reported in only 1 in 2000 patients. It is important to point out that the skill of the surgeon is a great determinant of whether or not the results will be satisfactory. For effective weight loss, dietary modifications and physical exercise should continue.

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