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Tips In Preparing For Bariatric Surgery

By Winifred Christensen

Going for a gastric procedure means that you need to prepare your body for the said invasive treatment. Proper preparation is necessary, especially if you are scheduled to go for bariatric surgery NY. For this kind of procedure, there are things to take note of. You need to take note of the follow tips before the actual date.

First, make some preparations for the things you are to bring to the hospital. There are clothes you need to pack for after you have gone through your treatment. You should pick out the comfortable and loose clothes to pack since they are easy to get in and out of. There is no need for you move or bend too much.

Think about your convenience right after the treatment, especially with your footwear. Your footwear should be the type you just have to slip on to wear. Avoid those that use Velcro or those you have to tie first. This is so that you do not have to bend over just to wear your slippers since that can be really painful and inconvenient for you.

Prepare your transition clothes. The transition clothes are the clothes you will be wearing when you have significantly lost weight. The transition clothes may be your old clothes that you had long been unable to fit into. Using your old clothes as your transition clothes can be really affordable for you so you have to find them before the actual treatment.

You need some multivitamins so purchase some. After your procedure, you will find it difficult to get your nutrition directly. Thus, you will find the multivitamins to be immensely helpful. You will be able to obtain information from your doctor on what vitamins you are required to purchase to meet your specific needs.

There are over-the-counter meds you should prepare as well. Pain medication is one of them. This is so that you can have something to take when the prescribed pain meds your doctor gave you runs out. The substitute over-the-counter meds can help you alleviate the post-op pain that you will be experiencing.

You should stop smoking. As much as possible, stop smoking two to four weeks before going through your treatment. Otherwise, you will be experiencing post-op complications afterward. Also, your doctor will most likely refuse putting you under the knife when he or she finds nicotine in your system. After all, that can be really dangerous.

You should have somebody by your side after the operation. This person should help you around the house, whether it be for physical support or for small errands like light cleaning and laundry. This person should be around for the first one to two weeks after your operation. Having him or her around can be really helpful for you after your operation.

Know more about your procedure. As long as you are well-educated on this operation, then you will know what expectations to have. You should be able to get information on this operation on various books. You can ask your doctor too. There are support groups you can join if you want to get information about this operation as well. These support groups will surely be glad to help you out.

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