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Details On Laser Lipo Miami Lakes

By Elaine Guthrie

A lot of people want to change how they look physically. The things they cannot change with makeup, diet and exercise, they alter through cosmetic practices. Liposuction is considered a cosmetic surgery in which body fat is removed from various areas. This may be done on the neck, abdomen, arms, butt, thighs or other places. Numerous techniques can be used. Laser lipo Miami Lakes is an option for people living in or around the Miami Lakes, FL where there are numerous practitioners.

This type of lipo is becoming common in modern times. It is said to produce less pain and inflammation than traditional approaches. The laser was first incorporated into this practice around the late 1990s. This was the time when it was found that using lasers before the fat removal process made sucking out fat cells easier because they were softer. It also reduced the discomfort and post-surgery side effects.

Laser-assisted lipo involves melting fat in the targeted area first and then removing it through traditional lipo maneuvers. The laser is given through a fibre that is threaded through a very small tube known as a microcannula. It is said that this extra step in the process can help with reduction of bleeding and bruising making the invasive surgery less of a problem for patients.

People are encouraged to learn as much as they can about liposuction before considering it. They should also consult with a surgeon to voice their questions and concerns. It is important to recognize the potential risks and complications associated with this procedure. Surgery, of any kind, comes with high risks. Furthermore, the results of this treatment will vary by person. Costs will vary, and most insurance plans and providers are not willing to provide coverage for these elective, cosmetic procedures.

Patients will be expected to fill out consent forms and will be given antibiotics before the procedure. The areas that are being targeted will be marked off by the practicing surgeon while the person is standing. Some say that the laser-assisted lip adds to the precision of the process and does less destruction.

Local anesthetic is given to patients in the form of a oral sedative or IV injection. The incision is usually small and patients will typically be given IV fluids to compensate for what is lost from the fat removal. Other devices will be hooked up to monitor the status of the patient during the procedure. If the patient was not given general anesthesia, he or she may be able to go home the same day of an operation.

The recovery process will differ from person to person. Often times it is based on the extent of a procedure. Many patients are able to return to their daily work within a couple days to a couple weeks. It is important that individuals follow all post-surgery orders given by their surgeon to ensure they heal properly and the results are as desired. If people do not follow an exercise or diet regime that is healthy following this surgery, the fat is likely to return.

Side effects will range from minor to major. Sometimes the complications could even result in death, which is not common. Bruising, limited mobility, numbness, weight gain, scarring, pain and swelling are commonly reported. Patients should know the risks.

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