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Auto Accident Injury Sufferers Find Pain Relief With Laguna Hills, CA Chiropractor

By Katy Parfait

Extreme pain is common among car accident victims. People can deal with a lot of discomfort even when their injuries do not seem severe. Working with the providers at a Laguna Hills chiropractic office can help consumers get safe and natural relief.

People usually develop problems known as subluxations during these impact events. These are spinal health issues that concern the alignment of the vertebrae. Subluxations compromise nerve to brain communication. The muscles that surround the spine can also be subjected to far more pressure and tension given that these muscles will be required to compensate for the injury.

Events like these can even cause issues with joint functionality. This is especially true in the neck, shoulders and upper back. There are a number of special therapies that can be employed to alleviate the pain caused by subluxations and accident-related whiplash.

One reason why this care is so beneficial is the fact that it can resolve physical injuries rather than simply muting the discomfort that these injuries cause. Using prescription drugs to alleviate pain only works in a very temporary fashion. It is also important to note that people can experience side effects when using these products. Chiropractors, however, target injuries right where they start so that people can both feel better and function better.

People can look forward to receiving individualized therapies. Their providers will structure integrated plans of care that are designed to meet their unique needs. These can include inversion table therapies for alleviating spinal pressure, massage for pain relief, ultrasound to alleviate swelling and improve mobility and manual adjustments to correct spinal alignment.

People often enjoy swifter recoveries once their alignment issues have been resolved. This is because the immune system functions better when the spine is aligned. These efforts also resolve problems such as muscle and nerve pain and joint dysfunction, all of which are common after car crashes.

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