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When To Consult With Gastric Sleeve Surgeons In NJ

By Janine Hughes

Obese people who are unable to lose weight through various weight loss methods can opt for gastric sleeve surgery. This kind of bariatric surgery is also called tube gastrectomy, gastric sleeve resection or vertical gastroplasty. It involves the removal of a large part of the stomach.

When performing the procedure, surgeons make small incisions in the stomach instead of a single large incision. They place a viewing tube that has a laparoscope and other kinds of small instruments into the incision to remove a part of the stomach. After this, they use staples to close the sleeve shaped stomach. By using the services of gastric sleeve surgeons in NJ, you can lose weight after undergoing a successful tube gastrectomy procedure.

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy is less invasive than other bariatric surgery procedures such as duodenal switch and gastric bypass surgery. Since it does not rearrange the digestive system, its complication rate is lower and you can recover quickly. If your body mass index is over fifty, a surgeon can perform this procedure as a first step to help you lose weight before performing a more complex procedure.

When performed as an independent weight loss surgery procedure, tube gastrectomy offers excellent results. It is less costly, less complex and its results are indistinguishable from those of other types of bariatric surgery. This procedure is ideal for people who use anticoagulants since they will have a lower risk of suffering from marginal ulcers after the procedure. They will also have a loser risk of suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease, mineral or vitamin deficiency and dumping syndrome.

In order to ensure that this weight loss surgery is successful, you should look for a qualified tube gastrectomy surgeon in Ridgewood, NJ. To find a good surgeon, you can begin by asking your family physician to refer you to one. You may also ask a person who has undergone weight loss surgery to refer you to the surgeon who performed it if he or she was pleased with the final outcome.

You may also find a good surgeon by getting recommendations from your insurer. Inquire about the surgeons who can accept your insurance policy. Most insurers list the names of the medical practitioners that they work with on their websites. After getting a list from your insurance firm, you can compare the names to those you received from your family physician, friends and relatives. You may hire the surgeon whose name appears on this list if you were referred to him or her.

Before you hire a surgeon, it is also essential to check his or her credentials. Make sure that the professional is licensed to practice in New Jersey. You should also find out if the professional is board certified. The other thing to consider is if there are any disciplinary actions that have been taken against the surgeon.

After you narrow down the list of surgeons who can perform vertical gastroplasty, the next step is to schedule your initial consultation. A reputable surgeon can answer any question you ask about the procedure. The surgeon will also be confident that he or she can perform the procedure flawlessly. As you speak with the professional, you should also inquire about the costs.

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