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Learn How To Have Whole Body Wellness With A San Jose Thyroid Doctor

By Frank Carbart

The poor functioning thyroid gland can have a negative impact on routine operation often indicated by ongoing weakness and changes in weight. The San Jose thyroid doctor provides recommendations for improved wellness and can minimize hormonal imbalances. Naturally based remedies and conventional medicine can produce the healthiest possible results.

The poor function of the thyroid gland can lead to fatigue, flushes, and feeling thirsty most of the time. The small gland is positioned in the front of the neck and works to produce hormones that play a role in normal metabolic processes. The overactive gland includes hyperthyroidism and a heightened metabolism while hypothyroidism can reduce metabolic processes.

Hyperthyroidism is associated with extreme tiredness, loss of weight, higher heart rates, and irregular menstruation. A lack of proper management methods can have a detrimental impact on bone density and may lead to heart disease. Hypothyroidism can contribute to a lack of hormone production, water retention increasing weight, and improper menstrual cycles.

A reputable doctor may require a blood test to assess hormone levels. When the gland is no longer operating normally, it must be managed to minimize dysfunction and protect against severe disruptions. There are a number of steps that can be applied to support healthy functionality.

The function of the gland must be assessed to determine the best possible means of intervention. One must adhere to conventional medical measures to regulate hormone levels and requires that severe symptoms be tended to with surgical intervention. Alternative therapy includes the use of herbs such as lemon balm for its soothing properties including improved diet and supplements for stronger bones and muscles.

Reliance on a professional can aid in tending to hyper and hypothyroidism. Where metabolism is negatively affected, it will compromise regular physical function and stable processes. A doctor can advise on the steps that must be taken to achieve optimum health and wellness over time.

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