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Crucial Facts To Note Regarding Plastic Surgery

By Jamal D White

Plastic surgery has become a common thing in the world today. So many cases relating to plastic surgical procedures have emerged due to the demand for the service. It is advisable to go for some fact-finding mission before engaging in anything regarding plastic surgery.

In order to have you enlightened, some surgeons and physicians have put up facts that are considered more accurate to assist you make an informed decision when with regards to plastic surgery. These facts have been accepted across societies of surgeons and other medical practitioners. The facts help in enlightening against mis-information and myths about plastic surgery. So much of wrong facts have been bandied around in regard to plastic surgery.

The origin of the word plastic surgery can put one who has been misunderstanding it, distant from the belief that plastic surgery is nothing but dealing with plastics on the human body. The word plastic in plastic surgery comes from a Greek word plastikos simply meaning to mould or to shape. The word surgery transcends from another Greek word Khirourgos, which means handwork. This helps you understand that the term does not necessarily have to imply the use of plastics.

Plastic surgery is one of the earliest forms of surgery to be ever performed on humans. It dates back to 1000BC. Indians also in the old times used to do plastic surgery on patients who had their noses, ears and other body parts disfigured due accidents, punishments or war.

During the world war, surgeons who took part in treating the injured victims of war, ended up in the post-war forming The American Association of Plastic Surgery and were significant in the move against ending unregulated plastic surgery practices. Advancements on plastic surgery started after World War arising from many disfigured cases of injured people from the war. This has continued with more developments being done most recently.

Nose reshaping and breast augmentation are the most common types of plastic surgery performed world over. Ninety percent of all the plastic surgeries performed in the world involve women, while men account for only ten percent. This is because plastic surgery has evolved more from a medical procedure to a physical one of aesthetics.

President Bill Clinton put a bill in the United States stating that plastic surgery be covered under an insurance policy, forward. This was a great relieve to both the plastic surgeons and their patients. The bill also covered breast augmentation for achieving symmetry between two breasts.

There is a big difference between certification of a cosmetic surgery and that of a plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon has to undergo a post-graduate training before certification while a cosmetic surgeon only needs to under-go residency training to be certified. This is to show that there is a big distinction in the two almost similar fields that are quite often mis-interpreted. Knowing this will enable you look for the appropriate professional for whatever service you are looking for.

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