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Basics Regarding Gastric Banding Surgery NJ

By Kristen Baird

A lot of people have difficulty staying within a healthy weight range for their body type. Several things contribute to this struggle and cause people to become overweight and even obese. Still, there are plenty of solutions available to those looking to lose weight in a short period of time in order to regain control over their well-being. Surgical procedures are an option for those who want quick results. People living in and nearby the Englewood, NJ area might be interested in what gastric banding surgery NJ can offer them.

Weight loss surgery is an option but not for everyone. People are encouraged to seek care from a physician they trust to see if it is right for their needs. Different surgeries may be done for this purpose. Restrictive surgeries are designed to help people feel full more quickly, eat less and then lose weight.

Two kinds of restrictive surgeries may be employed for weight loss purposes. Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is one. This is also called gastric banding and is the more popular option. Vertical banded gastroplasty is another option. The doctor will assess the patient to determine the best solution for his or her needs. Most weight loss surgeries are performed on those looking to lose a significant amount of weight.

During the procedure, the surgeon will make use of a laparoscopy. Small cuts will be made within the belly and this device will be used to implant an adjustable band, made from a silicone material, around the upper portion of the stomach. This makes the stomach a small pouch, only about one inch wide, that can hold just an ounce or so of food.

A plastic tube runs from the band to a device under the skin. A sterile solution of salt water can be added or removed, allowing flow in or out of this band. The purpose of this is to make minor adjustments to the tightness of the band as needed by the patient.

Positive results are reported with this procedure. The banding is known to help patients reduce the excess weight by up to 50 percent. However, results are expected to differ based on many factors. This is recognized as the safest and least invasive surgeries available for weight loss. Doctors can reverse it if necessary and the stomach typically returns to normal.

Every medical procedure, especially surgery, comes with its risks and potential side effects. Not many patients have reported problems as a result of this treatment. There is a low risk of death caused by this surgery. Still, some of the most common issues patients experience following the procedure: vomiting and nausea, or minor complications. Issues with vomiting and nausea are often remedied by a loosening of the band. Less common are surgical complications such as minor bleeding, wound infections and problems with the adjustment device.

Cost of treatment will range. Insurance may or may not offer coverage for this, as it could be considered cosmetic or elective. People should follow all of the directions that they are given by their surgeon, especially that which relates to post-surgery care, to ensure the best possible results. Along with the surgery, patients are encouraged to make vital diet and lifestyle changes to improve their health.

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