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Overview Of Duodenal Switch Surgery In Mexico

By Christa Jarvis

Emergency medicine covers any disease in its acute phase, defined as an injury or illness that pose an immediate threat to life of a person and whose attendance cannot be delayed. Any response to an emergency will depend heavily on the situation, the patient and the availability of resources to assist you (duodenal switch surgery in Mexico). It will also vary depending on whether the emergency occurs in a hospital under medical care, or out of a hospital (eg on the street), in this case we speak of prehospital medicine.

In addition to purely medical terms, medicine requires logistics (having the right equipment and the right people at the right time and the right place) and cooperation with other organizations, which will be designed to accommodate the patient or who can advise the emergency in its approach. This may involve concepts of telemedicine (transmission of patient data, possibly vital parameters and image diagnosis).

Disaster Medicine is a branch of medicine for accidents or disasters involving mass casualties: train crash, earthquake, bomb ... The disaster is defined as inadequate relief needs and the resources available (outdated means). It requires organization and a "doctrine" different from the usual emergency medicine.

In Spain main organization is the SEMES (Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine). In Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the SVMED (Venezuelan Society of Emergency and Disaster Medicine) is the organization that brings together medical specialists and certifies attendees prehospital emergency, Emergency Prehospital TM, There is also the career Senior Technicians university (TSU) in Prehospital Emergency (EPh).

Medicine is practiced on ships offshore to provide emergency care and under the control of center of maritime medical consultation (CCMM) to provide medical care to save life on board ships sea in their state of isolation pending evacuation to a medical facility or the intervention. Example of a captain's yacht of 8 to ensure the charge of medical care on the ship.

The hospital emergency seek immobilization and stabilization of patient (using the means at their disposal) to quickly perform a useful transfer to hospital. Emergency rooms follow the basic protocol of Advanced Life Support. Regardless of nature of emergency, are required to maintain vital signs, breathing and pulse.

In Argentina, the SAE (Society of Emergency Argentina) is the main organization of emergency medicine. There are several programs in medicine residency. It is also possible to achieve certification as a specialist in medicine certifying a number of years of medical care and attending a university graduate school.

But nothing prevents a patient to bypass the pre-hospital system to go to emergency departments of hospitals or private clinics, which are therefore those presenting spontaneously, as well as those brought by emergency services above. Medicine is the link between the outside of hospital and other hospital departments (surgery, radiology, pulmonology, cardiology, neurology ...), but also the relationship between these services for distress unexpected and sudden.

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