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Discover How Depression Sufferers Find Relief With San Jose Thyroid Doctor

By Mark Marabut

It is lucky that depression mostly goes away on its own, as this is a very common problem. Frequent or chronic bouts of depression can lead people to commit suicide, and should be taken seriously. A nearby San Jose thyroid doctor has identified the need to take depression seriously, and offers patients a real solution to the problem.

Depression is actually a symptom of many other physical medical problems, and should not just be seen as a mood problem. Women with PMS or who are menopausal also often suffer from depression, and this could be an indication of a problem with your glands. Your doctor needs to be sure of the cause before prescribing any medications.

The fact that women are much more prone to thyroid problems as well as that many female medical conditions cause depression makes the cause much harder to identify in their case. Women should never simply dismiss a feeling of depression. This could be a symptom of a serious problem, not just a transient hormonal imbalance.

Your medical professional often asks for a blood test to determine the exact nature of the problem underlying your symptoms. Without this detailed information, any medical professional is just working in the dark. Once the cause of your symptoms has been established, you should soon start felling much more cheerful with the right therapy.

There are many possible causes of a problem with your thyroid gland. Post-partum thyroiditis occurs after a woman has given birth and, while common, is mostly temporary. Other conditions require long-term medication to control the hormone balance and lift your mood, so do seek help if you suffer from prolonged depression.

San Jose now has a medical professional available who has concentrated on these physical causes of depression. Doctors with less experience may simply turn to anti-depressant medications without investigating further. Avoid unnecessary medication, and rather find the cause, as this will give you better end results.

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