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Liquid Diet Review

By Susan Field

The liquid diet plan is a new structured meal replacement diet from the team at 'the liquid diet plan' in the United Kingdom.

If you have ever struggled to lose weight and want a new approach then this 'meal replacement' diet plan is free to use and has a number of beneficial features that you might like.

Why this diet works were others fail?

I have done a standard old fashioned meal replacement diet before and they are not very satisfying and the results don't last.

Some big brand diets sell a product in a sachet that you mix with water or milk. Others will give you ingredients and recipes.

In slimming meal replacement diets all of your daily calorie allowance is provided by the packet of powder mixed with milk or water. There is something inherently unsatisfying in this.

They would normally work by enforcing calorie restriction. You would consume significantly fewer calories each day than you expend.

Does this sound familiar? Many of these diets fail you because you become continually hungry and it is impossible to continue starving the body indefinitely.

We now know that we would in fact be better off drinking 8 pints of milk per day for a week than wasting $75 on powder that makes you gain more weight than you initially lose.

How can I benefit from a real and effective liquid diet?

This new liquid diet plan is refreshingly different.

Point one, No starvation is required for this plan to really benefit you.

Instead the liquid diet plan feeds your hunger with high quality nutrition.

Let me explain how it works. Hunger signals are not generated by lack of calories alone. Most experts now agree that the body 'craves' nutrition and needs certain foods too.

How come I sometimes over eat even when I feel full? This is because you have only satisfied the need for fuel (calories) but not the need for the high-quality 'nutrients' you need to thrive. Your body simply goes on looking for more food to fill the missing gaps.

To illustrate this problem better, let us imagine hunger is like a shopping list and we need to check off all the correct boxes in order to make a recipe right? Well hunger is like that recipe too. Hunger needs to be fully satisfied in order to work right. We need calories but also require complex vitamins and minerals make us complete.

Simply put, if you eat a well designed balance of nutritious foods then you will not feel hungry.

What is really good about knowing this is that we are now able to meet our nutritional needs first and calories second.

Quality over quantity

So by consuming optimised recipes that are designed to stop food cravings and make you feel satisfied you can eat less quantity (total calories) and easily lose weight.

Next steps

Forget that old approach that has failed you and choose a sustainable high-quality 'real food' dietary system that will work for ordinary men and women.

Try these high-quality satiating liquid diet recipes you can make at home for free.

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