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Why A Weight Loss Coach

By Aurelie Appasamy

Have you recently joined a gym or perhaps a personal training studio, you have hired a personal trainer and everything is fine however you notice that you just aren't as motivated as you used to be, you constantly have to rely on your trainer for motivation and just going to the gym is a constant battle? Or perhaps you exercise regularly and intensely at the gym, but when you get home you undo your had work by overeating? Do you have an eating plan perfectly laid out for you but you somehow just cannot follow that plan? Do you feel discouraged, frustrated and perhaps a little bit guilty about the whole situation? Do you feel discouraged by it all becuase even with the help of a personal trainer or nutritionist you know that there is still something missing and you know that things just aren't working out a 100%. And you are right, there is indeed something missing. See, while a personal trainer specializes in exercise and a nutritionist in healthy eating, these guys aren't really trained in human behavioral sciences and psychology. As a result they are unable to assist you with the behavioral challenges you are facing. Aurelie is a life coach and specializes in weight loss mindset and motivation. She is trained in NLP( Neuro Linguistic Programming) and her area of expertise is to helo individuals overcome self-sabotage which is the biggest cause of failure in people attempting to lose weight despite the help from other weight loss professionals.

As a former fitness model, Aurelie has been involved in the weight loss industry and unfortunately currently the system is incomplete. There are three pillars to weight loss. First is nutrition, Second is exercise and third is the mindset. Unfortunately the conventional weight loss system only focuses on nutrition and exercise which is why that approach often provides poor results or the results obtained are sustainable. The mindset is indeed the most important thing not just in order to succeed but to also maintain that success. There is a misconception that having the right mindset is only a matter of staying positive. But that isn't true. In order to create the right state of mind for success you must first obtain a very high level of self-awareness which includes examining your deepest desires, fears, your underlying motivators, your values, the meaning you have assigned to past events. A weight loss coach can help you with the above so that you can finally gain more clarity around your own behaviours.

A weight loss coach takes a rather holistic approach to weight loss. We are holistic individuals.

Did you know that struggling with your weight often has nothing to do with your health or weight problem itself but often there are underlying causes that either stems from other areas of your life or from childhood. Your struggle with emotional eating for example could be pointing towards an unfulfilled career, needs not being met in your relationships, frustrations with friendships, rejection and loneliness, confusion about your career, job insecurities, lack of excitement and fun. There are many different things that could be causing you to struggle with your weight and a weight loss coach will help you explore your life map in order to identify those root causes. As a result you will see improvement in your health as well as in your family, relationships, career and finances.

There are a few differences between life coaching and therapy, counseling and advising. Many professionals such as personal trainers and nutritionist tend to take an advising role as they are going to give you expert professional advice on nutrition and exercise. However a weight loss coach does very little advising. A weight loss coach rather will work with you and ask you questions to explore your own goals, motives emotional barriers and will equip you with mindset tools to take action and succeed. Therapy on the other had tends to focus on past events or past traumatic events and has a healing component to it. Therapy isn't goal or outcome orientated but is useful in dealing with past traumatic events that may have been stored and are affecting your ability to deal with life. Coaching on the other hand has some healing components but mostly focus on goals and is outcome focused. Coaching is designed to help you set realistic goals and overcome the barriers or obstacles that gets in your way.

A good life coach is compassionate. Understanding human behavior is a very useful tool in adopting a compassionate approach to weight loss. This is an area that unfortunately many weight loss professionals lack. For instance you personal trainer may not comprehend why you self sabotage? Why you struggle so much to follow your eating plan, why you lack the drive or incentive to exercise, why you are not consistent with your routine. And this is also why there are so many common myths in the weight loss industry. For example, if you aren't motivated to go to the gym then it is assumed that you are lazy. Of course this isn't necessarily the truth as there are certainly underlying causes to every behavior. A weight loss coach is trained and capable of helping you gain better understanding of yourself and raise your self-awareness

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