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The First Four Moves Of Zumba Holland MI

By Grace Rivas

Zumba holland mi is one of the most interesting forms of dance that has become popular nowadays. It is a type of dance that was invented by the Colombians and made popular by a Colombian instructor brought this dance to other countries. Basically, it emphasizes a lot on Latin dance moves with other variations of dance moves that would really work out a sweat.

Now if one would want to try out this very interesting dance, then he would best have to enroll in a real class. Now before he would actually enroll in one, he may actually try to learn some of the basic moves at home because they are so simple. So that at least when he gets to the class, he will know what he is doing.

Now the very first step that one will be taught would actually be the salsa move. So for those who do not know this move, all there is to do would be to stand feet together with hands on the sides. From that position, use one leg to step to one side which would be followed by the other leg.

Now from that one, the second move will be stemming out with a little more movement from the legs. Now in order to do this simple move, one would first have to bend his knees and bend his arms a little bit while shaking them. From there, just continue shaking the arms and pivot one leg in order to do a full three hundred and sixty degree turn.

The third step would involve a little bit more rhythm as there are already some feet tapping moves that are involved. Starting from a position wherein the feet are brought together, bring one leg up and start tapping the ground. When that is done, do the exact same thing with the other leg and just keep on repeating.

The very last step is one of the most strenuous ones because it would involve entire body movement. Basically, one would just have to stand feet apart and start rotating the hips. While rotating the hips, bend the knees slowly so the body goes down then straighten the knees so that the body will actually go back up.

So when one would combine these four basic moves, then he would have a complete workout. If he is inspired by the Latin beats, then he may fling his arms a little bit to get more exercise for the upper body area. From there, he will be taught how to created many variations that stem out from these four basic moves.

Now once one has learned all these four basic Zumba holland mi moves, then he may actually have a workout of his own. Of course by enrolling in a real class, he will be taught how to make variations from these basic four. He will definitely have a tiring time after a full zumba workout.

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