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Memphis Family Chiropractor Offers Helpful Weight Loss Tips

By Clayton Maske

Your Memphis chiropractor helps many people each day with painful backs and necks. However, modern chiropractic also provides total wellness programs, designed to help you feel and look better. Here are some helpful weight loss tips from your chiropractic professional.

Write down everything you eat for a few days time and see what happens. You may find out a great deal about your eating habits. This is not always convenient but it will give you important data to study, and can help you come up with new ideas for eating better.

If you realize you are eating too many calories each day, you need a strategy to lower that amount. This is not easy but it can be achieved. For example, reduce portions by tricking your mind with smaller plates. Studies show that smaller plates help many people to reduce portion sizes and still get the same satisfaction.

Resolve to take action to get rid of those empty calories you consume each day. If you put sugar in coffee and tea, try and wean yourself off by lowering the sugar or switching to an artificial sweetener that you can tolerate. If possible, stop drinking sugary carbonated beverages. One serving can pack more than 150 calories. That can cause significant weight gain in a year's time.

Drink as much water as you can each day. You need water to survive and without the proper amounts your whole system suffers. Water is essential for digestion and metabolism. Also, if you drink water with your meals you will get full quicker.

You and your Memphis chiropractor will work together to come up with a customized plan for weight loss and fitness. It is possible to lose those extra pounds and keep them off if you have the right kind of help. In time, you may form new eating habits that will last for a lifetime.

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