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How Ultrasound Therapy Can Alleviate Tennis Elbow

By Jamie Muck

Many people will experience tennis elbow with an increase in age or the occurrence of repetitive stress injuries as the tendons become damaged. It is also called golfers elbow and will result in restricted function including pain. The use of a portable ultrasound machine has allowed for the detection of affected tissue and the methods needed to deliver efficient results.

A physical examination and x-rays are often needed to determine whether tennis elbow is present. Once detected patients are advised to wear a brace for a period of time to prevent from twisting or stretching the ligaments that have sustained damage. Rest and rehabilitation are key, however, such technique may not prove effective for all people.

Traditional methods of care are non-invasive, but may not prove best to completely heal the tissues requiring invasive surgery. Such procedures will include the surgical correction of the tendons that will require a long recovery period. It is also considerably uncomfortable and alternative practice is available to relieve such stress.

With reliance of efficient medical technology, there is the opportunity to reduce recovery periods and patient discomfort. The latest machines allow the practitioner to identify where the damaged tissue has occurred and best practice to remove it. Scarring is minimal and the excess fluid as well as scar tissue responsible for pain can be effectively removed.

Such methods can be attended to within 20 minutes. The tendon is not impacted and the damaged tissue removed for healing to take place. The outcome is an enhancement in healing and the ability for individuals to return to regular function.

Research has indicated that the portable ultrasound machine is able to identify the presence of tennis elbow and scar tissue. The damaged areas are removed to aid in more efficient recovery. All patients experience relief from pain and are better equipped to engage in regular activities.

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