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Checking Into African Mango Reviews

By Brett Cen

Many people are spending time checking out African Mango reviews and there is a lot of good information to consider. In fact, many are finding help for problems associated with weight loss. Here are some important details on African Mango (also called ogbono or irvingia gabonesis) that you may find helpful.

Ogbono is native to Africa and grows best in the mid eastern section of the continent. This is where the climate and topography (with tropical jungles and forests) are perfect for growing wild mangoes. The fruit is valued highly for the seeds or nuts that is contains.

Many people prize wild mangoes and their extract for their medicinal properties. Also, this is not just the seeds, as tree bark, leaves, and tree roots are commonly used for medicinal purposes. Irvingia gabonesis is used to treat infections (with its antimicrobial properties) and also to help with gastrointestinal problems. Extract from the mangoes are high in antioxidants which help to fight off the ravages of time.

Most ogbono weight loss supplements are taken from the mango seeds. You can buy this supplement in liquid form or in capsules. However, it can also be purchased in powder form. Studies show that the supplement can help many people that suffer with insulin resistance. If one has type 2 diabetes or pre diabetes, this can be beneficial.

Insulin resistance means that the body is resistant to insulin that is released from the pancreas. Without insulin, your cells cannot receive the fuel (glucose) that they need. As a result, glucose is allowed to accumulate in the blood and this leads to high blood sugar or diabetes. Also, insulin resistance makes it harder to lose weight and burn fat, so anything that reduces this problem is good for weight loss and overall health and well-being.

If you check the Internet on studies performed on wild mangoes you will see good results for losing weight. Many subjects were able to lose body fat and enjoy excellent results. Most manufacturers suggest that this supplement be taken 30 minutes or so before you eat lunch or dinner, and twice daily is enough to see results. Make sure to drink plenty of water with each dosage for better absorbency.

African mango reviews and consumer testimonials are in favor of it. In fact, many reviewers are reporting help with their weight loss efforts. Some people notice that cravings to overeat seem less intense and this helps to keep them focused on a healthier lifestyle. Of course you will notice the most significant results if you eat right and exercise as there are no "miracle cures" for obesity.

As any weight loss supplement, results can vary a great deal from person to person and not everyone will be satisfied. A few users report increased pulse rate and this could be from including beverages and food in the diet that contain caffeine. If you have any kind of health condition or concern, it is a good idea to discuss African Mango reviews with a medical professional beforehand.

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