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Basic Muscle Building Facts Covered

By Arnold Sylvester

Learning how to build muscle is a rocky road which most people find difficult to navigate. While science has shown us great advancements in training like high intensity interval training it isn't all good news - there has been countless nonsense over the years, and the majority of people get lost.

Yet, the basic principles which were true 30 years ago during bodybuilding's heyday are still true today. We haven't actually improved greatly on the hypertrophy process.

This consists of:

1. Multi-joint exercises outperform isolation exercise every day.

Despite the array of new equipment in gyms these days, you still cannot defeat squats, deadlifts and military press for fast results.

Any compound exercise will recruit more muscle fibers than an isolation move, therefore you'll gain more size over a shorter period of time.

2. Know your rep range.

Several key studies have revealed that the eight to twelve repetition range is optimal for building muscular size and strength.

Now that you know the optimal rep range, try using it to determine whether you were previously lifting too light or even going too heavy on certain exercises.

3. Change your program as you progress.

While consistently attending the gym is a great thing, consistency can also be a bad thing, as you're about to see.

Consistently doing the same routine or lifting the same figures will lead you to a plateau. In order to build a better body you need to give your body a physical reason to grow. This can only be done by giving it weights which it finds hard to deal with.

4. Don't forget to sleep.

Sleep is vastly under-rated by most gym users. You must remember that the body undergoes it's major rebuilding phase during the hours of a deep sleep.

If you try to get eight to twelve hours of sleep on a consistent basis, it is a guaranteed method to increase your size and strength. That's because the body releases growth hormone and testosterone at this point, so neglecting this phase of the day is not advised.

Disallowing sleep is comparable to building a wall one day and then returning the next day to knock it all down and build it again. Overall, you may have a nice new wall but it is not any bigger than it was yesterday.
The importance of diet is just one of the five rules touched upon in the video guide on how to build muscle accompanying today's article.

If your quest to discover how to build muscle has so far led you down an unsuccessful route, or you have got lost in the jargon which surrounds techniques such as high intensity interval training and strength training, you are not alone. Most people are in the same boat. You can begin getting on the right track by applying the four rules you have learnt today.

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