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The Guide To A HCG Diet

By Andrea Davidson

The HCG Texas diet or human chorionic gonadotropin is a diet with low calories relying on hCG administration to suppress appetite and the burning of fat. Originally, it was devised by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons back in the fifties. He noticed something peculiar whilst researching the hormone for its effects. He noticed that those who took the hormone lost weight.

Simeons researched some more on the hormone, with the intention on learning more about its effect on weight loss. It was quite noticeable that the dieter would consume lesser calories. This hormone had to be taken so that extreme hunger, headaches, physical weakness and other side effects would be avoided.

Human chorionic gonadotropin, otherwise known as hCG, is normally produced by pregnant women. It is known to support progesterone production, which is believed to cause the release of store fats within a pregnant body so that it can nourish the fetus. It is more appropriate should the woman be lacking in caloric intake.

Those that are following or want to follow the diet are provided the hormone under the belief that fat will be burned much quicker. The plan normally allows for an intake of five hundred calories per day. Originally, unsweetened tea or coffee was allowed with milk the size of a single tablespoon during breakfast. Artificial sweeteners like Saccharin and stevia were allowed to take the place of sugar.

Other meals, such as lunch and supper often consisted of poultry that was low in fat or meat. The meat usually had a pre cooked weight of one hundred grams. It was also cooked without the use of butter or oil. Snacks were not allowed unless the person dieting wanted fruit, bread stick or Melba toast and will consume it outside of their meals.

Since its inception, there have been a lot of other variants that have popped up. Despite some differences here and there, it can be very similar. Five hundred calories daily is still the standard and it is still mainly composed of protein and few carbohydrates. Included in a few variations are appetite suppressant injections.

Participants will receive daily doses for a period of forty days. This was recommended by Simeons, who claimed that six weeks off after the forty days would be best suited. The reasons for this included the supposed immunity that the body will develop among others.

To fully benefit from this, four treatments are deemed necessary. It is to last for forty days before entering the six weeks rest period. This hormone is available only by prescription and many would be hard pressed to located a doctor willing to give a prescription.

The overall process has proven itself to be quite effective when it comes to quick losses. Those who take part in it will typically lose at least one or two pounds every day. There are critics that say the process is not conductive to learning healthy eating habits. Even those that make significant progress generally do not learn how to eat balanced meals. They point out that once the hCG Texas diet is over, the people will most likely put on weight again. Another thing criticized is the fact that there is less emphasis on exercise, which is important to the long term maintenance of weight.

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