Kettlebell Workout Routines For Amazing Fitness In 20 Minutes A Day

By Chris Rivers

Kettlebell workout routines are increasing with popularity and for good reason. It is a workout that is extremely versatile with many benefits. Some of these benefits are, combined cardio and strength training Most kettlebell workouts are designed with explosive exercises designed to keep your heart rate up while at the same time increasing resistance.

Unlike a dumbbell, the weight of a kettlebell, or its center of mass, extends pass the hand. As a result, the use of multiple major and smaller muscles are required to stabilize the kettlebell while it is in motion. This difference in weight placement is a major advantage to a dumbbell routine which tends to target only one or two muscle groups at a time in slow repetitive motion.

Increased fat loss - While these workouts burn more calories while the workout is being performed, there are also extra benefits once the workout has stopped. Strength training increases muscles mass, which burns more calories than fat does, even when resting. Improved flexibility - the workouts help you develop high levels of muscular flexibility, joint stability and muscular strength which in turn increases mobility and range of motion.

As a result, the whole body is evenly strengthened including the core. Many workout injuries are prevented in this manner.

While building strength through this type of workout, a person can also increase their cardiovascular fitness. The individual is exercising their heart and heightening its endurance over time. This makes the heart muscle stronger. As a result, people who use this kind of workout regularly can see a positive influence on their blood pressure and cholesterol level. Having a stronger heart also reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and even some types of cancer.

To obtain the highest level of benefit from Kettlebell workout routines, they should be done regularly. To some people, this might mean every day. However, when a person is starting out, they may want to do a light workout two to three times a week until they are able to increase the intensity or frequency of the routine.

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