How To Lose Weight With A High Protein Diet

By Russ Hollywood

High protein diets are very popular these days and today we'll show you how to lose weight effectively using this strategy. You do not need to be a personal trainer to figure out your ideal fat shredding diet, despite the large confusion out there.

High protein diets have given themselves a bad reputation over the last decade or so due to the number of fads and celebrity endorsed quick fix plans. However, many of the problems which flawed those approaches can be dealt with by one quick look at the latest scientific findings on the subject.

One of the major flaws in the fad diets of the past, including the Atkins and other celebrity influenced programs, is the belief that a high protein intake would severely damage your kidneys. It was believed that the kidneys couldn't cope with large amounts of daily protein, regardless of whether it arrived in the form of regular food or whey protein supplements. Studies recently showed that this is not the case.

In fact the main reason those old diets were never successful in the long run is their carbohydrate count. The decision to intake more protein was perfectly fine, despite the myths which surrounded the topic back then, but the decision to cut carbohydrates from the daily diet was terrible. This resulted in quick weight loss followed by a period of rapid weight gain, usually resulting in the participant ending back where they started.

While low carb diets are perfectly acceptable, no carb diets are unsafe.. Do not make the mistake of presuming that carbohydrates and fats are the enemy to your goals. Your body needs all three of the major nutrients and it is physically impossible to enjoy long-term success if you cut any of them out completely.

So a high protein diet is perfectly safe, providing you take the precautions to ensure your fat and carbohydrate consumption is also up to par. This is one of the key rules to any successful healthy eating plan, along with regular exercise and a good amount of rest. [
Today's clip on how to lose weight details five extensively researched fat loss tips for you.

To work out a good low carb, high protein diet try the following split:

* 1.2 grams of protein per pound of body weight (the weight you want to be, that is).

* 0.5g carbohydrates per lb of body weight.

* 0.5g fats per lb of body weight.

That would make sure you were getting enough protein to substitute your lower carbohydrate cont and ensure you didn't lose lean muscle along the way, while also making sure that you aren't cutting anything too low.

You do not need to be a qualified personal trainer or nutritionist to learn how to lose weight safely. The trouble is there's so much confusion caused by conflicting opinions and theories that most people get lost. Base your routine on scientific fact and you'll find it easier in the long run.

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