How To Adapt An Action Movie Star Workout Into Your Fitness Routine

By Russ Howe

If you asked 100 men why they first joined a gym and started lifting weights, a large portion of them would reference an action movie such as Rambo as their primary influence for making the first step into the fitness community. However, dreaming of owning an action hero physique and actually doing it are two very different things, as you are about to find out when we tackle the Sylvester Stallone arm workout below.

Many people go on to discover that the workout is then much more difficult than they initially expected it to be. The finely tuned machine you see on the silver screen at your local multiplex cinema wasn't built overnight.

One particular action star, Sylvester Stallone, is well known for his intense workout schedule and it would be ill advised to attempt a full scale workout in his style without first familiarizing yourself with the surroundings at your local gym for a few months.
Try the sylvester stallone arm workout for yourself.

This arm circuit is split into 4 stages, running through each muscle in the arm by itself to allow for greater focus on the area in question. We will cover a section for biceps, forearms, triceps and a cool down phase. Each phase is performed as a circuit four times.

Hammer Curl - 12 reps with a fairly heavy weight to get you warmed up.

Dumbbell Curl on an incline bench - 15 reps with a bench set to a 45 degree angle.

Biceps Curl using an EZ bar - The fundamental biceps exercise, perform 12 reps using a regular grip before switching to a much harder wide grip and forcing out a few more.

Flat Cable Curls - Pull a flat bench underneath a cable pulley station and lie on it. Curl down towards your head. The constant tension provided by the cables will make this variation of a curl much more difficult, so aim for 15 reps with a significantly lighter load.

Zottman Curl - Bring your forearms into the equation for the final 10 reps of the biceps section with this move. It's a regular biceps curl twinned with a great forearm builder by simply putting a twist at the top of the motion so that your wrist is facing away from you. You need 12 reps here.

After four rounds of the biceps circuit, we move on to the second phase which focuses on our forearms in a lot more depth than most guys currently do in the gym. Try to perform 20 repetitions of Reverse Curls, Wrist Curls, Reverse Wrist Curls and Handshake Curls before finishing off by simply hanging from a pull up station for as long as possible to work on your grip strength.

Triceps are the biggest muscle involved in this particular gym session and it is important to remember that factor when deciding upon what weight to use. Go as heavy as possible for the reps prescribed to maximize your results. It begins with a set of 10 Close-Grip Bench Presses.

This leads to your first encounter with Bench Dips. Perform a set to failure before switching to a cable station and pushing out 12 Triceps Pushdowns with a triangle bar. Your second round of Dips then awaits, again going to failure. This phase rounds out with 20 Dumbbell Kickbacks.

Only a cool down phase remains, but by this point in time you might be tempted to quit. That would be a bad idea, as cool downs have been shown to help prevent blood pooling and dizziness. It only consists of a Plank held t failure three times and a closing out set of close-grip push ups.

The time and dedication which goes into building a physique for the big screen is quite daunting. Rome was not built in a day, as they say, and this workout is certainly structured with that quote in mind. The high intensity circuit style often tricks people into thinking it's going to be easy. You will increase your chances of success if you don't make that mistake.

While everybody has aspirations to train like their favorite action movie star, the Sylvester Stallone arm workout is not for everyone. Before you attempt it, look through each of the exercises and decide upon using significantly lighter weights than you usually would for each move.

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