Family Weight Loss Challenges

By Jonah Rybinski

Before you begin a weight loss contest, you should get a group of people on board. This is extremely important. When you decide to start a challenge, begin asking friends and family to figure out who has an interest and figure out what everyone is prepared to commit to. Do not forget to stay positive and make them aware it is more of a support group than a major contest. Everyone ends up dropping weight which means that there aren't any losers.

Put money on the table. We almost always require an entry fee for our competitions. An entry due means one is committed and gives extra dedication.

The dues are then utilized for incentives at the finish of the challenge. You might give all the funds to the person who loses the highest percentage of their starting weight or divide it up however you prefer. All of the competitions I have done have been together with relatives or close friends and we tend to hope that no one is going to 'cheat'. We almost always make restrictions, for example, no diet pills, surgeries or other extraordinary measures. Penalty fees are often necessary to get participants to weighing every week. We have had penalties for failing to weigh in, gaining weight and occasionally we'll have fines for not losing.

It can be hard to keep a group of people focused on trying to lose weight for several weeks. Set milestones and near future goals and objectives. Especially with big events, it is tough to keep on being excited for several months. Recently, I had a good challenge when we set milestones for 4 and 8 weeks and if you reached the milestones, you got credited a portion of your entry fee. Groups can also help many people have a sense of obligation. Whenever you have several people who are not as driven as others and don't believe that they have the possibility to win then groups may help inspire them to keep trying to help their team. I have various family and friends who love teams because then somebody else is depending on them whereas other people don't like it for the exact same reason or because they then have to depend on others. Don't forget to talk to your participants before starting to see if teams might help.

Keep it optimistic. It usually is exhilarating to compete nevertheless make certain the trash talk remains playful and well-behaved. It doesn't help people to offend or brag excessively. Trash talking, if done politely, can help propel the more competitive types to keep working harder. Around 2 to 3 months seems to work well.

Very much more time and you get exhausted and lose participants and very much shorter causes it to be really hard to see the big results a competition might help you get. Reward participants for reaching goals. On a few occasions, we have agreed to give back penalty fees for anyone who meets their goal. Be sure everyone has a good goal. A minimum of one percent each week or more is a suitable goal.

Consider a post challenge. Immediately after the contest is over, it is very common for competitors to overeat after a couple months of sticking to your diet. In order to avoid this, prepare to launch an additional contest right after the close of the challenge. Another option is to have another small challenge to see who can maintain his or her weight loss. This allows for some alleviation from major dieting but helps to keep people from gaining it all back again quickly.

Above all, enjoy yourself!! I have discovered weight loss challenges to be incredibly valuable. They fulfill several factors of a successful weight loss plan. They produce motivation and responsibility and it can be very rewarding to win a few hundred dollars in the process. There is not really a disadvantage if you give it your best effort. What do you have to lose other than a few pounds? The cash you may save on going out to restaurants can go towards the entry fee.

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