5 Tips For Successful Weight Loss

By Barb Taylor

Losing weight is not easy. Even those who start a diet program and stick with it sometimes do not obtain the results they had hoped for. Listed below are five weight loss secrets that can help you avoid sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Giving Yourself To Much Credit For The Number Of Calories Burned

If you are using a calorie expenditure table to determine the number of calories burned when exercising, you are more than likely overestimating calories burned.

Most of these tables grossly overestimate the amount of calories burned.

A heart monitor is the most precise way to get the number of calories burned during a workout.

Not Building Muscle

When developing an exercise plan for weight loss be sure to include both cardio and strength training. Strength training is vital because it builds and tones muscles. Having strong muscles will boost your metabolism and increase the amount of fat you burn.

If you are doing everything you should be doing and still not losing weight add in some strength training. You might be surprised by what a difference it makes in your results.

Excessive Drinking

When you drink alcohol, your body will work to eliminate that first prior to burning off any food you eat.

Alcohol also makes you more likely to snack because it desensitizes the part of our body that regulates hunger.

It is also high in calories and has no nutritional benefit. Having an occasional drink is fine but more than a couple per week and you may be sabotaging your weight loss and health.

Not Eating A Meal

While skipping meals sounds like a great way to drop unwanted pounds, it can actually have the opposite effect.

Skipping meals can decrease your metabolism and cause your body to start storing food.

When you skip meals and allow yourself to become hungry, chances are you will reach for an unhealthy snack to fill the void

To avoid this, dont skip a meal instead eat 5 or six mini meals daily. This will provide the energy you need for the day and prevent you from indulging in unhealthy and unnecessary snacking. If your calorie intake goal for the day is 1600 calories plan to have five 320 calorie meals each day.

Unrealistic expectations

Many people looking to lose weight set unrealistic goals. It is not uncommon to see peoples weight loss goals set at 25 to 30 pounds per month.

Losing weight and getting healthy doesnt happen overnight. Your weight loss target should be no more than 2 pounds per week.

Studies have shown that people who lose weight at a slow and steady pace have a higher long term success rate.

Being aware of things that can hinder your weight loss is key. These weight loss tips can be an instrumental part of a long term successful weight loss plan.

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